What are the glaring signs of addiction around us?

Addiction is growing in the country. There is no doubt about it. The number of addicts in the United States has crossed the 21 million mark and it is suspected that it will increase more in recent years. The culprit behind this is the way our interaction with drugs has changed. Substances like alcohol and tobacco are legal and socially acceptable around the country. This has given birth to a false idea that these drugs are not dangerous since they are so widely used. Alcohol has grown very common over the years. You will likely find a pub or bar in any city block. Large hotels also have dedicated bars to cater to patrons. Even restaurants keep a sizable cache of wine bottles since it is common for people to order along with their food. The danger of such behavior is that the addict themselves is not aware of their addiction since they do not have to go out of their way to feed their addiction. Similarly, some addicts find out about their addiction when they feel withdrawal for the first time but if drugs are easily available like in the case of alcohol, they can keep on feeding their addiction while never feeling any signs of withdrawal. They often become aware when the drug has damaged their body to the point of no return. We must identify addiction around us so that we can help the affected person return to their old life without the burden of addiction.

The general behavior of the addict changes due to addiction. They can start to get more paranoid and secretive. This is often done in the early stages of the addiction where the addict is ashamed of their addiction and wants to keep it a secret. They might impose limitations on the access to their belongings where there were none before. Addicts also tend to be less motivated to do tasks that do not get them closer to their next dose. Losing motivation to work at their job or education can be signs of addiction. Moreover, even if they continue to work, the quality of their work can take a sharp dive. Another sign of addiction can be the lack of social interactions. Addicts tend to move away from their friends and family and start to prefer time alone or with a new group of “friends”. They can also be secretive about these new friends.

Drugs can cost a hefty sum depending on the drug. It means that as the addiction grows the person eventually runs out of disposable income. At this point, they are forced to use their savings. This can be used to find the addiction. If they run out of savings addicts can turn to stealing items from their homes or asking friends and families for small loans.

By keeping a keen eye on the habits and actions of the people around you a debilitating addiction can be prevented. The longer an addiction is allowed to grow the more the danger the addict is in. As the addiction gets longer the drugs begin to affect the mind of the addict. They become more adamant and bolder in their addiction often forgoing any sense of secrecy and abusing drugs for anyone around them to see. At this point, most addicts are left to their devices. So, action should be taken whenever you are sure that the person in question is addicted to abusing drugs. The first step should be to gather evidence to convince others around the addict so that all of you can stage an intervention and convince the addict to accept rehab. Get more info here so that you can help your loved ones avoid the abyss that is addiction.

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