What Are Casino Chips? Learn About Basic Chip Types

Chip casino  This is a very familiar term for today’s bettors. Players will swing these chips to participate in bets instead of cash. Currently, the 789Bet house also uses these chips when playing casino here. The article will share the basic information about the type of chip used in the casino right below.

Learn about casino chips

Casino chips are used to play games such as: Baccarat, poker, ..

 chip casino  also known by many other names such as: Check, token or check. When playing at games like baccarat, poker, roulette or blackjack, people need to use these chips. Before participating, you need to exchange real money for different chips. Each chip will have a color corresponding to its money value. This makes it easier and more convenient for players to participate in betting games.

Currently, people can participate in casino games at the Link 789BET. When you deposit money into your game account and you start betting, the system will automatically change to chip casino  for you. All on the betting table will make full use of these chips. When stopped, the system will convert these chips to real money for you again. Therefore, players can be completely assured when using chips to play.

The most popular chips today

There are many types of chips corresponding to different amounts

Each chip casino  will correspond to a different value depending on the amount you want to exchange. Outwardly, all the chips have a different shape, only different colors are printed on them. Here are the respective chip values ​​that you need to know.

Individual value of each casino chip

Each chip has a color and corresponds to its price as follows:

    • Chips with orange stripes combined with green iridescence will have a corresponding value: $0.01.
  •  chip casino  purple combined with white has the corresponding value: $ 0.05.
  • Varieties with peacock orange with blue stripes will have a face value of: $0.10.
  • Chips in gray with white stripes will cost: $0.25.
  • Types printed in yellow combined with blue stripes have a value of: $0.50.
  •  chip casino  white add blue stripe value respectively: $1.
  • Type printed in red with white stripes will have a value of: $5.
  • For the chip with green and white stripes added: $25.
  • The ones with black plus white stripes are: $100.
  •  chip casino  red with yellow stripes corresponds to: $500.
  • Orange varieties with white stripes are valued at: $1,000.
  • Chips printed in pink with stripes have the corresponding denomination: $5,000.
  • The blue and red metallic stripe has a value of: $10,000.
  • Chips in blue with white stripes have a face value of: $25 000.
  •  chip casino  purple add yellow stripes: $100 000.
  • The purple and orange striped varieties have the corresponding face value: $500,000.
  • Chips in blue with orange stripes are worth: $1,000,000.

Statistical casino chip face value with base value

  • Chips that are white will have a base value of: $1.
  • The chip has its base value pink, respectively: $2.50.
  • The red ones will have the corresponding value: $5.
  • The blue varieties correspond to the face value of: $10.
  • Green for chip casino  will have the same value: $25.
  • Types printed in black correspond to: $100.

Chip statistics with full value

  • For types with white color corresponds to: $1.
  • The chips printed in yellow have a full value of: $2.
  •  chip casino  red has the full value of: $5.
  • The blue color corresponds to: $10.
  • The gray chips will correspond to the value: $20.
  • All greens have a denomination of: $25.
  • Chips in orange are full value for: $50.
  • The black ones will be equivalent to the face value: $100.
  • Pink has the same value as: $250.
  • Purple will be worth the same amount: $500.
  • Burgundy Red is worth the full equivalent of: $1,000.
  • Light blue in full face value: $2,000.
  • Brown will cost the same amount: $5,000.


The benefits of using chips to participate in betting

Chips make it easy for players to exchange real money when winning

It’s not natural that the house uses it chip casino  to participate in bets. These chips bring convenience when playing casino games as follows:

  • When using chips, players will not have psychological pressure on money while participating in betting.
  • These chips are easier to play and pay out if won.
  • People will easily observe the opponents on the betting table and find opportunities to win back if they are losing.

Through the article, people have better understand about the types chip casino . Besides, you also need to remember the corresponding values ​​in each chip to make it easier to bet. Everyone should take advantage of the benefits that chips bring to have a better chance of winning when playing casino.

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