Three Tips for Giving up Cigarettes

Most people are already aware that quitting cigarettes is hard. There is a lot more support in the form of methods, programs and aides now though than there ever was before so your odds of succeeding are better. If you are looking at options to help you quit, patches, gums, e-cigarettes and the like and they all have their own advantages. Here is some advice and three tips to better achieve your goal.

Hard does not mean impossible

Yes, a lot of people struggle and sometimes it might take several attempts before you find a way to get it to stick, but it is possible and people do successfully quit cigarettes all the time. Some might switch to e-cigarettes and use vape juice, some might see their doctor for medication, some might use hypnosis. You just need to find the method that works for you, and that is not always something that happens on the first try.

It is not enough to need to stop, you have to want it as well. You might need to quit for health reasons or to save money, but if you still enjoy it and do not want to stop, you tend to find a way back to it! There is more to the issue of quitting than your addiction there is the habit or the subconscious mind to consider too. However you choose to support the process, and whether you do it gradually or go cold turkey there will be withdrawal symptoms and you will need to find something to distract yourself from the habit. Withdrawal is not just a physical thing, you make experience depression, anxiety and irritability too.

Have an action plan

Being aware of what is coming and having a plan is how you can do this. You have to fight both the addiction and the psychological issues as well. Here are three tips to consider in your plan.

  1. There are means to reduce the physical withdrawal symptoms. You can use nicotine replacement options, inhalers, electronic cigarettes or you can talk to your doctor about being prescribed a medication to help you get through the process of quitting.
  2. Stay focussed on the fact that these symptoms are not long-term. You just need to get through the first stage a day at a time. If you have struggled with this in the past consider therapeutic hypnosis, a lot of people find it helps.
  3. Look at what triggers the desire to light up a cigarette and find a way to get around it, or something to replace it. A lot of people have success with e-cigarettes with vape juice for example because you can use them after a meal, with friends, when you have a drink, with your morning coffee. You can replace the bad habit with something familiar. If you are choosing another method then have a plan of what to do in those weaker moments.


These tips can help you have better success when you want to quit smoking. The good news is the information on vaping is easy to understand and readily available. If one on one is the way you learn, you can head on down to your local vape merchant and get all your questions answered there. Most merchants will talk with you about flavours and the different types of vapes available

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