At, our technicians are fully trained and equipped to deal with all kinds of problems associated with air-conditioners. If you hire us for air-conditioner repair services in Singapore, we promise to deliver:

Prompt & reliable service – Our expert technicians will reach your home or office within 30 minutes, no matter what time it is!

Free quotations and advice on the spot – When we show up at your door, we won’t waste any time in giving you an accurate estimate of the problem.

Thorough inspections to determine the nature of the issue – We don’t just dip our toes into your AC’s problems; we go in deep in order to resolve everything you are facing.

AC part replacement when necessary – Replacing parts of your air-conditioner is not cheap. However, it’s necessary if they have reached their maximum life expectancy. Our technicians will replace all parts that are faulty or need replacing so that your AC works like new again!

Top-notch customer service – You can always contact us via phone or email, and expect a prompt response from our professionals who will do their best to go above and beyond for you!

We Offer A Broad Range Of AC Maintenance And Repair Services!

We don’t limit ourselves to AC repair services. Our technicians can also perform your AC maintenance services in Singapore, including:

AC inspection – We will inspect the AC system of your home or office and let you know what needs fixing. We provide tips on how you can prevent future problems as well so that you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs.

AC cleaning – You should never ignore a dirty air conditioner. If the dirt is left unattended, it might cause an unpleasant smell inside your rooms. It could even damage the system if it accumulates inside! Don’t disregard this step; hire our experts for professional AC cleaning services in Singapore today!

AC tuning up – A lot of homeowners neglect tuning their systems. It’s important to get it done at least once or twice a year, especially if you live in Singapore where the weather is hot and humid. A properly tuned AC system will be healthier, more efficient, and of course, more economical.

So if you have been having any problems with your air conditioner, don’t wait for them to go away by themselves! Call now for professional repair services in Singapore!

How do I know when my AC equipment needs a tune-up?

Common signs that your HVAC needs a “tune up” include:

The outside unit isn’t running The outside unit starts when you turn on the thermostat but quickly shuts off compressor motor starts when you turn on the thermostat but shuts off after a few minutes Poor airflow throughout your home or office Unit just clicks on and off continuously Running for short periods of time, then you must wait several minutes before starting again.

HVAC tune-ups are also needed when new filters or accessories are installed on the system to ensure peak performance at all times. A typical tune-up includes cleaning the unit’s condenser coil, measuring refrigerant pressures, checking electrical components, adjusting pulleys, lint removal from condenser coil fins and verifying fan motor operation. It can be difficult to detect some problems without an inspection by a technician while others like dirty coils may be more apparent. If you notice that your air conditioner is not performing as well as it did when it was new, schedule a tune-up. It’s the easiest way to avoid AC problems!

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