Popular Omega Constellation and Speedmaster Watches

Are you looking for a watch to add to your collection but you can’t find the one that offers both form and function? If so, you probably haven’t encountered the timepieces offered by Omega. It is a luxury Swiss brand that uses nothing but the best manufacturing processes and materials. It aims to offer watches with high functionality and outstanding visual appeal. 

Another great thing about Omega watch collections is that they can hold their value. It means that you can have a return on investment even after using it for several years. People would always be willing to purchase them despite seeing signs of wear and tear. It also has a large selection of models that can address diverse tastes and lifestyles. 


The brand introduced the first Omega Speedmaster model to the public in 1957. As time passed by, the collection evolved and contained a wide range of models. It has one of the most expensive price tags because of its great reputation in the watchmaking industry. NASA recognized it as the official timekeeper in all its space missions because it stood out from the competition.  Right now, it is still the only watch that is suitable for extravehicular activities. 

Most Popular Speedmaster Models


There is nothing more robust and sporty than this It is the main reason why people would want to get their hands on this watch. But aside from the aesthetics that it can provide, it has a lot more to offer. For instance, the brand made sure that you can use it during your underwater activities so it decided to incorporate water-resistant technology. It allowed the watch to withstand pressure and other unfavorable conditions when submerged in deep waters. The face of the watch measures 42 mm in diameter and 20 mm in lug width. Having luminescent hands and indexes makes it a great accessory for events with low light conditions. The stainless steel case and bracelet go well with the black face of the watch.

2. 311.

Do you want to have a watch that will make you a head-turner during parties and meetings? If you answered yes, then this 311. is what you are looking for. The blue dial with a touch of white can easily attract someone else’s attention even if he is not a watch collector or enthusiast. It will never look out of place on any kind of occasion because of its versatile design. The luminous hands and indexes will let you read the time without any hassle even if you are in a dark area. The round face of this model measures 44.25 mm in diameter and 14 mm in lug width. It is the right size for the majority of the men population. For it to function, the manufacturer used the Omega Caliber 9300. 

3. 321.

The 321. is another masculine watch that can perform several functions other than telling the time. Despite having an extremely high functionality, the manufacturer was able to maintain its class and elegance. It can surely accompany you to the intimate events that you are about to attend. The face of the watch has the same diameter as the model previously mentioned. It has a wider dimension making it more comfortable to wear even almost every day. The titanium case has a solid back so it is not possible for you to see the Omega Caliber 3603 that it contains. Be careful not to spill water on this watch because it can potentially damage the movement. 

Omega Constellation

The first model under the Omega Constellation became available for sale in 1972. The brand derived the name of this series from the jet that flew during World War 2. It is a very popular choice for people who are just starting to collect watches. Initially, it used chronometers only but after a few years, it combined it with luxury and precision. In terms of movements, the choice is entirely yours and you can choose between automatic and quartz.

Most Popular Constellation Models


What better way to spice up your style than wearing this watch? It has a one-of-a-kind design that can fit in types of attire. The gray dial comes with blue hands and indexes. You can see Arabic numerals surrounding the bezel to make reading time easier for you. The transparent back is a great feature if you love knowing the technical aspect of the timepiece. The 39 mm stainless steel case has a lug width of 24.2 mm. The leather band perfectly complements the look of the dial.


The manufacturer made the as luxurious as possible. The color combination and materials are on point. A set of diamonds surrounded both the dial and the rotating bezel. If someone sees you wearing this watch, they would instantly assume that you are on top of the social ladder. Since it is intended to be used by the female population, the case size only measures 27 mm in diameter. Lastly, it contains the Omega 1376 that allows it to function non-stop for 48 months. 


The is another watch option for ladies. Despite its simple design, people choose it over other models for a variety of reasons. The first is that it can complement any kind of attire. Aside from that, it can still function well even if you submerge it in water. The hands and indexes are luminous which means that they glow in the dark. The caliber used and the power reserve are the same as the model.

In Conclusion

Looking at the Speedmaster and Constellation collections is a good start to find the right watch for your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Some models can withstand extreme conditions making them an ideal option if you love a watch that can accompany you on your adventures. Some can add more personality to your style best to use when attending formal events. The listed models above are great watches because of their remarkable details. You can place your order at, an online marketplace for authentic luxury watches.

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