Planting hemp five years ‘payback.’

Hemp likely can be a cash crop that is more open to farmers and investors than cannabis.  Due to the growing conditions, extraction, and product development for cannabis distribution, the focus remains primarily on medical benefits because cannabis contains THC that affects the nervous system. The cultivation and use of hemp for CBD extracts, hemp seed oil, and fiber are more soothing. Even throughout the supply chain, both of them are still under government supervision. It is expected that the first round of Thai upstream hemp production after unlocking Should be gradually released to the market in the 4th quarter of 2021.

Demand for CBD kaufen extracts and hemp seed oil To be used in industries with high added value, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, food supplements, animal feeds, and fibers as raw materials for innovative products such as auto parts. Bioplastics, etc. that tend to grow both in the country and the world market. It will be a vital driving force that causes investment in hemp cultivation to increase accordingly. By assessing that, The global hemp market in 2020 is estimated at 4.748 million US dollars. Will accelerate to reach US$ 18.608 million in 2027 or average growth (CAGR) of 22.4 percent per year.

However, although demand for downstream products tends to grow well, the critical issue for investing in Thai hemp cultivation would depend on the ability to compete in both quality and price. Especially if in the future there is a liberalization of importing raw materials or hemp extracts from abroad. Of course, Besides weighing the quality and price of hemp compared to other substitutes, Thai upstream hemp needs to be of good quality. The price is not too high, And it can also compete with raw materials and hemp extracts from abroad. It can be said that investment in CBD kaufen cultivation is, therefore, necessary to consider this issue.

In addition to the issue of competitiveness to meet the needs of the downstream industry, The success of hemp cultivation also requires several conditions, especially knowledge of the proper cultivation. Therefore, investing in greenhouses (Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor), proper production management, etc., is not easy and may require trial and error in the early stages. As a result, investors need to study and can support the payback that may take many years.

Kasikorn Research Center estimates that in 2021, the revenue from hemp inflorescences from the open system ( Outdoor) cultivation yields dried hemp inflorescences around 20-40 kg per rai. Maybe around 0.2-1.0 million baht per rai Because the purchase price is high because the production is mainly limited. At the same time, the cost of planting is expected to require an initial investment of 0.3-1.5 million baht per rai. Make it possible that Investors in hemp cultivation may require a payback period of approximately 4-5 years. Although the purchase price is lower than a bouquet, the yield will be greater, resulting in income, costs, and payback periods. However, it may not be much different if investors can upgrade hemp cultivation in a closed system ( Indoor) Yes, even if the investment is higher than the open system. Still, the resulting inflorescence will have a higher price, such as Medical Grade, which will allow payback faster as well.

In the future, When more investors grow, hemp Supply tends to increase. It may be an essential factor that pressures the price of hemp products to tend not to be able to stand at a high level as in the first few years, especially if the government has allowed the import of raw materials or hemp extracts from the future abroad can (Preliminary in the frame five years from now) will affect the income of investors in hemp cultivation that may give a picture that is inevitably reduced. Therefore, those who wish to invest in CBD kaufen cultivation must consider various issues carefully, which planning to be able to pay back in a short time and the development of products to be of high quality and competitive prices both in the country and the world market. It will be the key to supporting sustainable net income generation.

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