Mobile Slots vs classic Desktop Slots Online

Back in the old days there was only one way to play slot machine games – head down to your local casino. Land-based slots are here to stay, but many of us prefer to choose online options such as playing mobile or desktop slots online like the Rainbow Cash Pots slot.

Most of us have both a computer and a smartphone in the household, so you might be wondering which one to choose – we’re going to be revealing all! Read on to find out more!

Classic Desktop Slots Online

For any long-term slot machine fans, you will probably remember when online slots first arrived in the late 90’s. For the first time in history, slot machine fans were able to experience their favourite games digitally on their computer from the comfort of their home and this was a massive success. The online desktop slots industry has been growing ever since, and just like land-based slots it’s here to stay. There are loads of reasons people choose to play online games on their desktop, including:

  The big screen of a computer ensures that every slots game is optimized to perfection – no need to squint, there’s plenty of space here!

  It’s undeniable that desktop slots have the largest variety of slot games on any platform – that include mobile!

   Most people have a computer at home – how many people can say they own a physical slot machine though?

Overall, it’s been a long road for classic online desktop slots and it shows no sign of slowing down. Desktop slots are here to stay, and if you haven’t given it a go yet then that’s just daft!

Mobile Slots Online

The development of online slots didn’t stop at computers – as we rolled into the 2010’s, all of a sudden everyone was buying computers that fit in our pocket, and as you can imagine it was not long until someone wondered whether you could squeeze slot games into these little devices. Ever since, mobile slots have been a huge industry and there are loads of reasons people choose them over desktop slots, including:

Smartphones fit in your pocket – desktop slots are convenient, but you can’t take your desktop computer on the train!

  Many young people have grown up with smartphones and are very quick and efficient at using them, therefore mobile slots simply make more sense.

  Most benefits found on desktop slots

Overall, mobile slots are a great option for smartphone users but we can’t deny there are downsides. With the small screen size, many games are yet to be optimized for mobile and this results in missing features that are included in the desktop version. However, find mobile optimized games, and you’re on to a winner!

Mobile vs. Desktop – The Great Debate

Overall, we love playing slot machine games on both mobile phones and desktop – it’s convenient as slots will ever get, surely! However, we prefer desktop slots, just because we can ensure that we aren’t missing out on any fun due to optimization. Don’t take our word for it – get online, try both platforms and make a decision for yourself!

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