How to Watch Disney Plus from Anywhere in 2022? 

In this blog, I will guide you on how to watch Disney Plus from anywhere in 2022. If you’re a Disney Plus fan, then read this blog to find an easy solution to access Disney Plus from your location hassle-free. 

What is Disney Plus? 

Although Disney Plus doesn’t need any introduction. It’s one of the most popular streaming services, with approximately monthly active users of around 118 million.  The streaming service is your hub for the best Disney movies and TV shows. 

The best thing about Disney Plus is that it’s a dedicated platform for both kids and adults where you can watch lots of family movies and TV shows that belong to Disney. 

However, Disney Plus is a region-restricted service which means you cannot watch it outside of its approved regions.  But, there’s a catch: you can change your IP address to watch Disney Plus from anywhere. 

There are many reliable VPNs that allow you to do that, you just need to go through certain reviews and check out other user experiences to choose the best one. Ultimately after testing the one you like, you can unblock Disney Plus from any location. 

What Can You Watch on Disney Plus? 

At Disney Plus, you can expect to enjoy a massive and ever-growing content library that includes the best Disney Plus movies TV shows along with some Original series. Besides that, you will also explore a lot of content from Pixar, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and Star Wars. 

How to Watch Disney Plus from Anywhere in 2022? 

To watch Disney Plus abroad, you will need a trusted VPN service like Hide My Name, FastestVPN, ExpressVPN, and Cyberghost. After deciding your preferred VPN service, you have to follow a few steps outlined below: 

  • Subscribe to your desired VPN service 
  • Download the VPN app on your device 
  • Launch your VPN app, and log in with your password 
  • Select a server location that is supported by Disney Plus 
  • Sign up for Disney Plus 
  • Login and stream your favorite content. 

Why do you need a VPN to watch Disney Plus from anywhere?

 There are many reasons to use a VPN to watch Disney Plus. Firstly, Disney Plus is a region-restricted service, and a VPN is the best solution to bypass region restrictions. 

A VPN helps you change your IP address and assigns you a new IP address of your selected region through which you can easily combat content restrictions. 

Moreover, a VPN also offers utter online security and keeps your streaming encrypted and secure from online intruders. 

Another benefit of a VPN is that it hides your streaming activities from your ISP so, there is no potential danger of bandwidth throttling. Meaning you can stream flawlessly with a VPN without any throttling issues. 

Will All VPNs Unblock Disney Plus? 

It’s very important to know that not all VPNs will be able to unblock Disney Plus from anywhere. Many VPN services are already blocked by the service, and some VPNs lack servers in Disney Plus supported regions. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to contact your VPN support team to find server locations and details. 

What to do If your VPN is not working with Disney Plus? 

There are chances that your selected VPN might stop working with Disney Plus. If it happens, you can try some tricks to unblock Disney Plus with a VPN. 

Firstly, before accessing Disney Plus with a VPN, try clearing your cookies, as it might help you clear up your device to access Disney Plus. 

Secondly, make sure to check your IP address; if your IP address is leaking, you cannot access the service. You can run any online IP leak test or contact your VPN team to check your IP address status.

Besides that, you can also turn off your GPS settings to access Disney Plus from anywhere with a VPN. Lastly, try switching your VPN servers for a better streaming experience. 


Installing a trusted VPN service will help you watch Disney Plus from anywhere in 2022. It’s a great streaming service that you must access if you want to enjoy watching some quality content. I hope you will follow this blog to bypass geo-restrictions and will be watching Disney Plus hassle-free. 

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