How to Increase Impressions and Engagements from Overseas Users with Multi-URL QR codes?

If you’ve previously generated QR codes, you’ve almost certainly been torn choosing between static or dynamic QR code. For beginners, static QR codes are used to place single use data, but for more experienced users, the dynamic is always the greatest option to use.

The most compelling justification for selecting a dynamic QR code is the ability to alter content on the go. You are not required to be limited with information you include in the code.

With it, you can implore numerous applications for it. Most of the time, you utilize to alter the out-of-date information in the code. And in some way, you can deliver varied relevant content on where your scanners are located.

Did you realize that by using the location-based QR code feature, you attract more overseas users? One may not have knowledge about it, and as they are attracting more visitors. With the strong presence of an online free QR code generator with logo website, integrating its use is not a problem anymore.

How Multi-URL QR Codes Can Help Improve Website Impressions and User Engagement Abroad

The better your grasp of the influence of changeable material with a few scanning commands that a QR code can do, you can easily maximize it by performing these marketing applications using the Multi-URL QR code.

1. Provide a target-driven content

People’s habits, life expectancy and predispositions vary depending on where they currently live. As a result, individuals will have a divided thought on reading to a particular kind of information.

A multinational food supply chain, for example, will usually have separate marketing resources for each target location. Rice may be heavily advertised in Asia since it is a mainstay food in most people’s diets. However, integrated to Western nations, the same promotion will be ineffective.

A multi-URL type of QR code can enable one marketer to deliver content that may be of interest to Internet users based on their location. Because of this, you can reach a much larger audience.

2. Display language-based landing pages

Everyone does not speak and understand the one language. The global language is also not commonly spoken in many other areas.

As a result, you won’t be able to deliver the same webpage when users scan the QR code. Alternatively, you should provide them with one in their dialect.

You can send content based on a scanner’s location and language spoken using a multi-URL QR code to store all the language translations you have in the marketing copy you want to promote. When you give material that your audience can understand, you will obtain the interaction you expect and turn them into paying customers.

3. Automatically Provide Culturally Appropriate Content

Things that are common in one place may be unusual and unacceptable in another. And the only thing to do is to avoid including them in their marketing materials. Because of that, deploying only one sort of content in the QR code is not the ideal option for doing international campaigns. Alternatively, present a positive one to your scanners according to their location. Be certain that your message is regionally suitable.

4. Provide Time-based Content

Each region has its own standard time. As a result, the time in one region varies from the other ones. To take advantage of this time difference, you may customize the data of the QR code to correlate to the standard time in every region.

This will provide nightfall content if scanned at 7 pm in New York. Simultaneously, when scanned from the other side, daytime content is shown. This can allow you to easily market your hourly offers without having to manually enter the meridian that the customer knows at all times.


As businesses are now leaning towards turning their ventures towards the international market, the multi-URL kind of QR code is what they need to simplify region-based marketing prompts. By using it, it will enable them to offer material tailored to your target audience’s location backgrounds. You don’t have to create multiple QR codes with a QR code generator with logo software and perplex your users on what to scan.

Conversely, one code is all you need to direct them to a very relevant material based on location, time, scanning placement, and preferred language of use.

QR codes are useful tools that you should not overlook because they are a crucial extension to your business webpage while increasing your international visits and engagements today.

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