How to get the most out of your casino experience

Playing casino games should be a varied experience that offers not just entertainment and potential winnings, but socializing and fun. Follow the tips below if you want to get the most out of your casino experience.

Live is best

It is recommended to play live casino games where possible. Of course, this could mean going to a real casino and indulging in the atmosphere with friends and dealers. But, when playing online, this experience is still possible. At the likes of VIPArabClub you can play online games with real, live dealers. This means that your game is happening in real life – not just in the virtual binary world – and that you can interact with the dealer for a more rich experience.

Furthermore, playing with other real players is also recommended, as it feels as though the game matters more. Playing AI at poker or alongside bots on a blackjack table just isn’t as fun, so always keep an eye out for games that include other real players.

Social casinos

Social casinos are a new phenomenon that takes this socializing aspect of gambling to another level. They provide casino games but without allowing you to play with real money – it’s not supported. Instead, players must use fake money only.

Many will scoff at this for being redundant, or counterproductive. But, research shows that risk and reward exist with or without money – we can still feel tension when watching a scary movie that isn’t real, for example.

Social casinos embrace all the positive things about playing games, whilst limiting our risk exposure to losing. Still, this won’t cut it for many people, but it’s worth trying out. We often see strong divisions between those who drink non-alcoholic drinks exclusively and those who have never tried, or those who are vegetarian vs those who eat meat. In reality, nuance and variety is the real spice of life, and we can treat social casinos vs real money casinos the same way: don’t pick either one exclusively, simply mix it up from time to time.

Choose the right games

When playing at a real casino, you will be limited to the selection of traditional games. It’s worth researching which games have the smallest house edge (blackjack usually does well here) and balancing this with which game you enjoy.

Though, when playing online, don’t restrict yourself to just the traditional games. One of the biggest advantages that online casinos have is their relentless innovation and development of new games. If you’ve never considered slots before, it’s worth trying it out online because you can get unique experiences and the games can be a lot more detailed and substantial than you may otherwise think.

Another tip here is that if you find a slot game that you really enjoy, check out who developed it. Often, a single top developer will be accountable for hundreds of popular games. So, this will be a good way to find other games you enjoy – a bit like using directors on IMDB to find other films you enjoy – but also let it dictate which casino you sign up to. Do they have a deal with a particular game developer that you like?

Research strategies

Before starting your game, it’s worth having a quick Google in regards to strategy. Some games you will always have a disadvantage in, like roulette, but in games like Blackjack, you can at least give yourself a better chance by understanding when to stick or twist. There are charts dedicated to this advice.

Though, strategy becomes all the more important when playing against other players, like in poker. It’s worth understanding the fundamentals to enrich your experience and give you a better chance of winning. You can just play a lot, and the pattern recognition part of your brain will fill in the gaps, but this could mean losing a lot at the beginning.

At the very least, Google the rules and understand the game you’re playing.


Finally, the other big advantage that online casinos have over their traditional counterparts is that they offer bonuses. These need to be taken advantage of in order to get the most out of your casino experience. They’re free money or free spins, in most cases.

Making the most of them means keeping an eye out for new ones, signing up at a variety of casinos, and also checking our email for any email promotions.

However, it also means reading the terms and conditions. Sadly, many people get caught out blindly signing up to casino sites because of the bonus promises. Rarely are they lies, but they may have steep wagering requirements or minimum odds in the criteria for the bonus to be valid. Make sure you understand the terminology and get used to reading the T&Cs – usually they’re not particularly long or complex.


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