How to Choose CBD Oil For Cats

Cannabidiol is becoming an increasingly popular remedy for cats today. Many researchers have discovered its potential to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and other ailments. As some people are experiencing the merits of CBD, others are slowly finding out that their furry friends can benefit from it as well.

In fact, those that are made with hemp plants can provide various benefits to all sizes and breeds. Know that you should get CBD from the right source and manufacturers as not all products are created equal. Other reasons why you may want your pets to have these are the following:

Common Health Issues in Felines where CBD Can Help

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Your pet cat may suffer from chronic inflammation and irritation of the GI tract. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol, it can help with swelling, discomfort, and pain that your furry friend may be feeling in their abdomen.

Pancreatitis: The senior kitties that have inflammatory bowel diseases, infections, and diabetes can develop pancreatitis. An infection may cause this condition, or it may develop independently on its own. This is very deadly and painful to your pet cats, and this will disrupt the digestion process and inflame the pancreas. Again, cannabidiol will act as an anti-inflammatory agent that can potentially aid your cats in dealing with pancreatitis.

Arthritis: Many cats get old without any problems like arthritis, but some are not so lucky. Pain medications and other prescriptions exist to treat the joint pains of your pets. Cannabidiol oil will help with the aching joints and make your pet walk better. Read more about arthritis on this site:

Lower Urinary Tract Diseases for Felines: The disease can affect your pet’s urethra and bladder. It will also result in a variety of conditions that can cause inflammation and painful sensations. The oil extracts can provide the relief that your feline is looking for.

Asthma: Another common inflammatory disease in cats is asthma. You may hear your pet coughing a lot during the day, and they might have bronchial inflammation. CBD is known to lessen asthma attacks and be a valuable supplement for your furry friend.

Not all companies produce the same quality of extracts, which is why it’s so important to know the terminologies and other factors out there when choosing the proper extracts. What you should be looking for are the following:

Quality of Products

You need to look for a CBD oil that was made from locally harvested hemp. This means that a company harvests the plants from local states in the US, such as Colorado, California, Oregon, North Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, and many more. Avoid the manufacturers that are sourcing their hemp plants from other countries, as you can never be sure if they are full of pesticides, metals, and chemicals that can harm your pet.

Brand Transparency

Anything on the internet that provides transparency on their products is a great candidate. You need a manufacturer to have a website where you can see the ingredients included, recommended dosage, other products of CBD, certificate of analysis, and more.

Some will even show you their locations, farming practices, certificates, laboratory results, customer reviews, and many more. You can look on social media pages to see if they are responding to complaints and questions online. Also, double-check their claims from previous buyers and see if they are delivering what they are promising.

Customer Service

Stellar customer service support is something that many people need. If they have questions regarding the CBD tincture, a live person should answer them in real-time. It would also help if the response rates were higher and they respond to queries within an hour. For those having trouble purchasing the products, it’s best to chat with someone who can help their orders go through. The customers’ experience matters, and they will tend to be repeat buyers if you do everything right.

Website Experience

As a brand, the website needs to be responsive on both computers and mobile phones. They should reach out to their potential customers regardless of the device they are using, and there should be seamless access overall. Individuals should be able to cycle through the site on their phones and have the same experience as they have when they are accessing their tablets.

Choosing the Oil Extracts

Companies should be dedicated to providing top-of-the-line products for dogs and cats. Some companies are providing salmon-flavored CBD for picky cats with various doses. This can come from 150 mg to 300 mg. They are affordable options, and there are also subscription prices where 25% discounts are applied. This could help you save a lot if you needed treats and tinctures for many of your pets.

Select the supplements that are all-natural and organic. The origins of the hemp plants should come from farms in the USA. Manufacturers may also include vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to help with your cat’s growth. There are also THC-free varieties that are effective and affordable. As long as you have a subscription plan in place, you can order several products at wholesale prices, and you can even recommend these to your friends’ pets.

Some of the best ingredients may include wild salmon oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, vitamin D3, nano-emulsified anhydrous CBD oil, and other organic ones. The laboratory results should also show cannabidiol serving 10 to 11 mg CBD, and also, a 30-day refund policy can be ideal for unused and unopened products.

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