How To Choose A Coffee Grinder

Looking to make better coffee? It might not be the coffee you need to improve. Believe it or not, but the grinder you use to grind your coffee can make a big difference. You want to get a grinder that is capable of delivering the kind of quality you want. Not every grinder is created equal. In this article, you will learn some of the top things to consider when choosing a coffee grinder to optimise your coffee drinking experience.

Choosing a Coffee Grinder:

1. Burr vs Blade

First things first, you’ll need to choose from a burr grinder and a blade grinder. A burr grinder is an ideal solution for those looking for the highest quality. A blade grinder may get the job done, but it’s not going to do so in a way that delivers the best results from your coffee. A blade grinder is inherently flawed for grinding coffee beans. Not only does it chop up your coffee beans into different sizes, but it heats the coffee beans at the same time. With a burr grinder, you get a consistent grind. Consistency is most important when it comes to brewing a cup of coffee or espresso. That’s exactly what you get when you use a burr grinder that churns out consistent grind sizes.

2. Included Features

This is a big one that has to be considered whenever you are shopping for a grinder. There are so many grinders available in the marketplace. Because of this, you need to identify a coffee grinder that has all of the features that you want in a grinder. There are a lot of features that can make or break your experience. Some of the most important features to consider when buying a grinder have to do with adjusting the grind size. You want to figure out if the grinder offers step-less adjustment. A grinder that offers step-less adjustment can help you achieve the fine espresso grind that you need for espresso machines. However, if you aren’t going to be doing espressos, you can get away without having to pay extra for a grinder with this grinding feature. There are other features to consider as well. Some grinders are automatic and they will grind a specific amount for you.

3. Price and Your Budget

The price of a grinder is something to consider. After all, there are so many different grinders available. You don’t want to end up paying more for a grinder than you can afford. There are plenty of options available at different price points. However, keep in mind, if you are going to be purchasing an automatic burr grinder, you can expect to pay much more than a blade grinder. However, there are smaller manual grinders that you can get that can deliver similar quality.

4. Size and Portability

As mentioned, there are plenty of things to consider and the size is one of them. You can find plenty of different portable grinders that are available in a much more compact form factor. If you are someone that needs portability in a grinder, a smaller and more compact burr grinder can be a great option. Some of the grinders meant for portability are manual. Whereas, some will be electric. Manual grinders certainly require a little more work, but they can offer finer tuning adjustment.

As you can see, a grinder can make a big difference in how your coffee ends up. The better the grind you can get, the better the extraction will be. The key is consistency as with anything related to coffee. The more consistent your grinder can grind the beans, the better your coffee will taste. A poor-quality grinder can completely ruin the taste of your coffee. If you use a grinder that delivers inconsistent grind size, the extraction will be equally inconsistent. You want to try to find a grinder that suits your needs and budget. Try to find one that has all of the features that you intend on using. There are plenty out there and paying extra for certain features may be worth it if you are a true coffee or espresso aficionado. Use the tips above and you should have no problem identifying the right grinder to purchase and use daily.

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