How Is Hemp Oil Made?

One of the most popular oils that people are looking at today has got to be hemp oil. This isn’t something that you always need to buy; you can also make this oil. The process is quite a particular one, and one misstep can make it all wrong. When looking to make hemp oil, you need to be careful as you follow each step carefully. Below, you can find the correct steps you need to follow to produce hemp oil traditionally. It isn’t that hard, and you can certainly do it at home as long as you have what’s needed.

What is Hemp Oil

This is the first thing you want to figure out before you buy hemp oil in UK at Greenbox, is, what is hemp oil? You may have heard of it from time to time, but you still don’t fully know what hemp oil is. You can label it as the lesser-known relative of CBD oil. It also, as much as CBD oils, provide a unique set of health benefits. However, it also has different manufacturing methods. Meaning, it doesn’t use the same manufacturing methods as you would for CBD oils. Hemp oil comes from hemp seeds, as you’d have already suspected – this is despite several people confusing it with CBD oil.

Making Hemp Oil Traditionally

When you want to make hemp seed oil, you need to have an oilseed press machine. This is the same machine that is used to press seeds for edibles and other industrial lubricants. This machine is a sturdy and trusted item for the extraction of oil from the seeds. Two types of machine presses can be used when you want to extract oils from hemp seeds. Here, you have the reducing screw design and the traditional screw press machine. Different seeds mean that there are other pressing concepts as there are various variables for each source. The first thing you want to do is have the seeds dispensed in the seed hopper – these are the raw seeds. The expeller screw will then crush the seeds with the right amount of force. When the force hits the seeds – the press, the oils will not flow through the canals. This is where the pulp and the oil in the seeds are separated. The bottom line is the oils that are produced in this way are pretty pure and unprocessed. This is raw oil that you can easily make on your own. It is nothing like what is used when you think of modern technology for hemp oil. This is the traditional way of extracting oil from hemp seeds. However, you can use this method to remove oils from many sources out there, not just hemp seeds alone.


Other than the traditional pressed oil, one of the more popular oils for hemp is cold-pressed. It produces fewer oils because it keeps more of the characteristics of the seed in the final product. It also gives lower phosphorus levels – this is the grassy flavor.

What Is Hemp Oil

When you are looking at hemp oil, you can easily make it at home. That’s through the traditional method which is the press. As long as you have the seed-press machine, you can easily make your hemp oil at home.

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