Are You a Victim of Burn Injury at a Rental Property? Know What to Do Next!

According to the reports, thousands of burn injuries across the country occur every year. These injuries can be traumatizing and severely injure you. In addition, the recovery process may be too long and be challenging. Similarly, the severity of burn injuries in rental properties is equally difficult to overcome. 

Many people do not understand that burn injuries in their rental house happen for various reasons. Still, the primary reason includes the landlord’s carelessness and lack of maintenance by them. The horror of facing burn injuries can take a toll on your life. 

Suppose you or your loved ones become a victim of burn injuries in your rental property due to your landlord’s negligence. In that case, you can seek compensation for the damages by consulting Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. An experienced attorney can help you recover the damages. 

Who is responsible for burn injuries in rental property?

Usually, landlords should conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure the house or property is safe for the tenants. Although there are multiple laws that landlords must follow to ensure safety, many of them fail to meet the standard, resulting in tenants facing injuries, including burn injuries. 

Many burn injuries caused due to negligence of the landlord include: 

  1. Malfunction in electric wiring.
  2. Unsafe fire escapes. 
  3. Dangerous gas-powered products. 
  4. Damaged smoke detectors on the property. 

If the landlord fails to maintain all the above points, it may result in the tenants facing severe burn injuries. In such cases, you are eligible to seek compensation and hold the landlord accountable for their negligence. However, in many cases, your landlord may not have done anything wrong. Carelessness or negligence of another person can also result in severe burn injuries. Some of the burn injuries can result from other tenants’ negligence, defective products in the house, improper installation of products. 

What should you do next?

It is vital to determine who is at fault for your burn injuries. The first step is to seek medical help immediately. Your health should be a priority, and hence getting treatment for your injuries can save you from future health complications. Additionally, the doctor’s report about your burn injury will serve as evidence when you file for a claim. 

Next, consult a personal injury attorney with experience in handling burn injury cases. Your lawyer can understand the entire case carefully and help determine who is liable for your burn injury. Furthermore, an attorney will fight for your rights and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. 

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